Experienced Garage Door Manufacturers

Experienced Garage Door Manufacturers


Having a quality garage door is essential to the security and overall appearance of your home. Quality comes with experience and that is why we are able to provide our customers with the best garage doors – because we have the experience.

As Experienced Garage Door Manufacturers, Centurion Garage Doors has specialised in manufacturing and supplying garage doors for more than 35-years. Our company boasts comprehensive-manufacturing facilities on both the east and west coast of Australia, and we are the largest privately owned garage door manufacturer in the country.

As a pioneer and innovator in the industry, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products, as well as our expert staff – from management and manufacturing right through to our onsite technicians.

Our team of experienced professionals has a long history spanning many years in the Australian garage door industry. Our extensive knowledge and exceptional customer service allows us to give you the best advice for choosing an appropriate garage door to suit your needs.

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