Colorbond® Garage Doors

Colorbond® Garage Doors

Manufactured from genuine BlueScope™ Steel, Centurion’s range of Colorbond® Garage Doors provide ultimate strength and protection through specially formulated 0.6mm thick Colorbond® Steel, the heaviest gauge steel of its kind. To accompany this, our Colorbond® Garage Doors feature our revolutionary Finger-Safe® design along with a host of quality features to present a range of stylish, functional and safe garage doors. Discover the range below.

  • Georgian Colorbond® Garage Doors

    Exhibiting a seamless raised steel panel design, the Georgian Colorbond® Garage Door achieves a hand crafted timber look without the ongoing maintenance and upkeep required for regular timber garage doors. The Georgian Sectional Garage Door adds a timeless touch to your home’s façade without compromising on safety and functionality.

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  • Regency Colorbond® Garage Doors

    If you’re opting for a more classical design for your home, the Regency Colorbond® Garage Door attains a look that will complement any modern day or traditional federation-style home. The Regency’s rectangular raised steel panels feature an authentic hand crafted timber look and can be customised to include a window design and colour of your choice.

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  • Mediterranean Colorbond® Garage Doors

    Perfect for modern day architecture, Centurion’s Mediterranean Colorbond® Garage Door exhibits a distinguished look through clean lines and slim panelling. This garage door design is made possible through a narrow board V-grove design, allowing the Mediterranean Colorbond® Garage Door to effortlessly complement the façade of any home.

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  • Cosmopolitan Colorbond® Garage Doors

    Achieve a seamless, ultra sleek look for your home with the Cosmopolitan Colorbond® Garage Door. The Cosmopolitan is defined by its wide steel panelling and intricate timber-like grooves, creating a minimalistic appearance that is both contemporary and timeless. This subtle yet striking design has been crafted to complement a wide range of modern home layouts, offering a flawless connection between your garage and your home’s facade.

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  • Settler Garage Doors (WA Only)

    Achieve a sophisticated look to suit your modern day home with Centurion’s Settler Garage Door. The Settler’s wider than usual panels, which are spaced approximately 150-160mm apart, are made possible through a unique V-groove design. Together, these features allow The Settler to stand out for its high quality finishes and modern design, establishing it as a highly sought after garage door suitable for the West Coast of Australia.

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  • Roller Colorbond® Garage Doors

    Manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian climate and designed to suit any household exterior, our Roller Garage Doors are a popular choice for many Australians. Made from only the highest-grade quality materials, our Roller Garage Doors have been built to protect your home and belongings from the unexpected trials of Mother Nature. With a clean linear appearance and a wide range of Colorbond® steel options available, Centurion’s Roller Garage Doors are a practical choice for many homes and can be customised to fit most garage door openings.

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