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Our Ultimate Sectional Garage Doors are all about flaunting absolute street appeal.

The garage door makes up more than 50% of your home’s façade, so the door will play a large role in your home's value. It's important to have a door that is totally in sync with your home’s design.

Centurion’s Ultimate Range doors are each distinctive in their own right. You can customise them to include different materials and designs to suit your taste, budget, and preferences.

  • Sunshine Garage Door Series

    Staying true to its name, The Sunshine Garage Door Series allows natural light to shine through your garage door without compromising on privacy or security. Featuring a heavy-duty aluminium frame and translucent sheet panels, the Sunshine Series can be customised to include your choice of powder coat frame colours as well as an assortment of panel materials and styles. Give your home a complete facelift with a garage door that brightens your garage from the outside in.

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    ' White frame with opal acrylic
    ' Grey frame and opal makralon
    ' Black frame with opal acrylic
    ' Beige frame with bronze makralon
    ' Bass frame with platinum makralon
  • Architectural Garage Door Series

    Stand out from the crowd and create a distinctive look for your garage door with our Architectural Garage Door Series. Manufactured from a combination of high quality composite aluminium products, cladding materials and specialist metallic powder coats, the Architectural Series boasts an ultra modern design like no other. Relish in the freedom to customise this garage door to suit your taste and style and flaunt absolute street cred in your neighbourhood.

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    ' Sidelight anotec silver grey with platinum slots
    ' Negative detail frame with composite panels
    ' Negative detail frame with composite panels
    ' Aluminium composite 3 with uneven inserts
    ' Aluminium composite 1 insert
  • Airflow Garage Door Series

    Centurion’s Airflow series is perfect for the warmer Australian climate, providing added ventilation and allowing natural light to flow through your garage. Manufactured from high quality aluminium products and materials, the Airflow Series allows you to obtain visual access to your carport without impeding on your overall privacy and security. The team at Centurion can help you customise your Airflow Garage Door to create a modern design just for you.

    ' White louver panel door
    ' Louvre style door
    ' Grey batten door
    ' Custom style batten door
    ' Batten style door with matching side gate
  • You-design-it Custom made garage doors

    Enjoy the freedom of designing your own garage door with Centurion’s You-Design-It Custom Made Garage Doors. The Centurion team can help you achieve the garage door of your dreams with provisions to request water or laser cut panelling, specialised coatings and exclusive materials. This is your opportunity to make your garage door design possible and achieve ultimate street appeal with a signature look that you will always love.

    ' Laser cut custom design
    ' Custom laser-cut panels
    ' Custom laser-cut panels

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