Centurion Introduces Innovative Roller Door Solution
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Centurion Introduces Innovative Roller Door Solution

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Blogs

Unknown to the average customer, the shed manufacturing industry has been struggling with an issue for a long time. This issue has been industry-wide, creeping into products regardless of the quality of the materials or the reputation and craftsmanship of the manufacturer.

“Roller doors can sometimes arrive damaged or with missing parts. We did a lot of work in this sector with potential and current customers to try and understand the shortcomings of other manufacturers and what could we do better…”.

Tony Cocco, Centurion Business Development Manager


Centurion Garage Doors has a long history of innovation, particularly in safety-focused improvements.

In the past, the company has designed features such as the “finger-safe” design, preventing fingers from getting caught inside your garage door as it closes, and their C2V2 garage doors, which are some of the best cyclone-rated garage doors on the market!

This roller door issue has been one that few garage door manufacturers have been able to crack.

Now, Centurion Garage Doors is proudly announcing that they have a solution for roller door packaging and transport.


The “Box-A-Door” is an innovative roller door packaging and transport solution resulting from a collaborative effort between Centurion and its partners and customers. Although seeming to be quite simple, getting the details of this innovation right involved over 12 months of research and development!

BOX A DOOR FINAL Centurion Introduces Innovative Roller Door Solution
“Our new BoxADoor delivery system fixes all that… it’s fantastic! One complete boxed delivery system for roller doors, custom made to suit the door size. It allows us to deliver everything in one box: door, tracks, fitting kit… all safe, secure and damage free!”
TONY COCCO, Centurion Garage Doors Business Development Manager


The Box-A-Door seems like such a simple solution, and yet it truly is a superior design. Here are just some of the advantages of the “Box-A-Door” roller door packaging and transport solution.

1. Secure

The garage door industry often requires many changes in carriers, delivery to remote sites, and on site-storage. These are all opportunities for a roller door to become damaged and for parts to go missing.

In the Box-A-Door solution, the roller door travels suspended on the axle and in a cradle inside the box, preventing the chance of transport damage. Ordered parts are also sealed shut inside the box when possible, eliminating any chances of them falling out or getting left behind somewhere in the process of transportation.

2. Custom-made

Centurion’s in-house box-making facilities are state of the art, designed specifically for the Box-A-Door solution. The unique machinery gives the company the flexibility to create a custom range of box packaging solutions for roller doors of all shapes and sizes.

All boxes are custom-made for roller doors of any size.

3. Stackable

The Box-A-Door is easier to transport than traditional packaging, saving space at every stage of the process!

Box A Door Stackable infographic Centurion Introduces Innovative Roller Door Solution

The most common way to transport roller doors is known as the pyramid formation, where roller doors are stacked in a way that resembles a pyramid. The Box-A-Door allows for a much more efficient use of vertical space, as pictured above.

What this also means is that more roller doors can be transported at the same time. A pyramid formation might be able to transport only six roller doors. Using the same amount of floor space, the Box-A-Door can stack nine!

4. Easy to unpack

Let there be no fuss and no mess!

Foam wrapping, a commonly used packaging option for roller doors, tends to leave a big Styrofoam mess on site, which is a hassle to clean up. In the new Box-A-Door Packaging and Transport solution, we’ve limited the amount of foam used.

5. Greener!

The Box-A-Door is definitely the environmentally-friendly option when it comes to roller door packaging.

Both styrofoam and steel wrapping are commonly used by most manufacturers as roller door packaging materials. When disposed of after use, they can become an environmental issue.

The Box-A-Door, on the other hand, is almost fully recyclable and can easily be broken down and disposed of.

6. Better health and safety

Most manufacturers utilize steel wrapping to help protect their roller doors during transport. Although this packaging is effective against damage, this steel wrapping has one problem: exposed metal edges. If handled incorrectly, there is a possibility for these to become an OH&S issue. However, this is the trade-off that comes with the added sturdiness of a using a metal for packaging.

The Box-A-Door, however, has no exposed edges, just smooth cardboard. Yet, it still achieves the purpose of added security during transport, making it a superior design.

sharp edges Centurion Introduces Innovative Roller Door Solution

7. All-In-ONE

The nature of a sealed box prevents parts from going missing. The tracks, hardware box and door are all bundled together in one weatherproof package. This way, everything you need arrives is in one neat box!


The packaging solution is available now to all East Coast customers!

Centurion Garage Door dealers and Shed contractors can now order the new “Box-A-Door” packaging system when they order a Centurion roller door. Dealers and shed contractors are also being encouraged to contact their local Centurion Business Development Manager to discuss how “Box-A-Door” can benefit their business.

Want to know more about Centurion products and services?

Centurion Garage Doors is the largest privately-owned garage door manufacturer in Australia. Being family-owned, the company prides itself on good old-fashioned family values and service.

Centurion Garage Doors has been operational for 40+ years. It is at the forefront of garage door innovation and safety and only works with the highest quality local materials.

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