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At Centurion Garage Doors, we understand the importance of having a reliable garage door that performs to its utmost ability. That is why our garage doors, openers, remote controls and accessories are issued with a warranty. 

With a Centurion Garage Door warranty, you can feel right at home knowing that your garage door is protected if the unexpected happens. To view the warranty, maintenance and care instructions specific to your garage door or opener, please refer to your User Guide.

Please be advised that failure to conduct routine maintenance of your garage door and opener may result in your warranty being void. You can prevent this by following the simple step-by-step instruction videos on our Door Care page or by viewing your
User Guide.

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Register a Warranty

Have you purchased a new Centurion Garage Door lately? Activate your warranty to make sure you’ll be covered for the full warranty period. Register your warranty online now!

Register your Warranty

Have you purchased a new Centurion Garage Door lately? Activate your warranty to make sure you’ll be covered for the full warranty period. Register your warranty online now!

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Warranty Conditions

For Doors Purchased before February 2024

Manufacturer means Centurion Garage Doors Pty Ltd (ACN 101 785 371).
Purchaser means the buyer of the product from the Manufacturer. Where the Buyer is a Builder, Developer or Reseller who has on sold the product the Purchaser means the first buyer from that Builder, Developer or Reseller.

1. Warranty Terms

Subject to the specific limitations and exceptions detailed in Clause 4, the Manufacturer warrants all new products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service, limited to making good any such defect or at the absolute discretion of the manufacturer replacement of the defective part PROVIDED THAT notice of any claimed defect in material and/ or workmanship on any product shall have been provided in writing, along with proof of purchase to the Manufacturer within the period prescribed in Clause 2 from date of installation or supply of the said product(s).

2. Warranty Period

Residential Doors

  • A & AA Roller Doors
  • Regency, Georgian, Settler & Mediterranean Sectional Doors (including Sovereign/Smooth Panel and Flexographic designs)
  • Timbalook Sectional Doors
  • Custom Aluminium (“Sunshine” and “Architectural” Series) Sectional Doors.
When used in normal single dwelling residential application 12 Months
When used in Multi Dwelling residential applications 6 Months
When used in commercial or industrial applications 6 Months

Note: a Multi Dwelling Residential application is an application where more than 2 vehicles usually access the door (i.e. an apartment complex with a common car park)

Commercial Doors

  • B Roller Doors
When used in normal commercial applications 12 Months

Avanti Door Openers

  • Avanti Euro-Lift, Avanti Euro-Glide, Avanti Pro.
When used in normal single dwelling residential application

2 Years

12 Months on Remote Controls

When used in Multi Dwelling Residential applications (i.e. an apartment complex with a common car park), where more than 2 vehicles use the door

1 Year General

6 Months on electronics and Remote Controls

6 Months on all other parts

All other Models warranties as provided by the manufacturer of the unit.


Warranties as provided by the unit manufacturer.


Where the installation has been carried out by the Manufacturer 12 Months
Where the installation has been carried out by a reseller or other party Reseller’s Warranty applies

3. Liability

In the event of a warranty claim, the Manufacturers Liability is limited to repair or replacement, at the absolute discretion of the Manufacturer of the defective part. In order to affect a repair it may be necessary for the product to be returned to the Manufacturer. The Manufacturer shall have no liability for any loss and damage (including consequential loss and damage, loss of use or profits), or any costs associated with security of the property.

The manufacturer reserves the right to touch up on site pre-painted surfaces on its range of garage doors.

4. Limitations and Exclusion

  1. This warranty does not apply to any defect, loss or damage arising or caused directly or indirectly by or as a result of:-
    1. faulty installation where installation was not carried out by the Manufacturer.
    2. the door striking any foreign object (e.g. car, bin) during travel.
    3. any masonry rendered or other surfaces cracking or collapsing during or after installation of the door
    4. any weakening or collapse of the structure to which the doors are affixed occurring any time after installation
    5. any damage to or deterioration in the condition of the doors occurring in transit by customer nominated or appointed carrier or occurring after delivery and prior to installation
    6. any defect (including defects in component parts or accessories) rising from or attributable to the failure to carry out normal preventive maintenance or adjustment
    7. any additional defect damage or deterioration arising from or attributable to the operation of the door after it is known to be defective
    8. any door being installed within 800 metres of the sea or other body of water of equivalent or greater salt concentration or in an area subject to industrial fall out
    9. any fault or surge in customer’s electricity supply
    10. any incorrect or unreasonable use
    11. any modifications or repairs carried out by unauthorised persons
    12. any failure by the purchaser to regularly service and maintain the products in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations
  2. Items specifically excluded from Warranty:
    1. Batteries
    2. Fuses
    3. Globes
    4. Sensitivity adjustments
    5. Products sold as factory seconds or reconditioned
  3. Unpaid accounts – The manufacturer specifically excludes all warranty obligations for any product for which it has not been paid in full.
  4. Colour Variations:
    1. Timber look Doors
      Timber look products are designed to mimic natural timber and as such variations in colour do occur and are considered desirable. The Manufacturer specifically excludes all warranty claims for any variation in colour for all timber look doors. This includes variation both within a door and from door to doors and related accessories as applicable.
    2. Pre-painted Doors
      Pre-painted steel used by the manufacturer is mass produced and colour variations can occur between batches of products. The Manufacturer offers no warranty on colour variations and the warranty of the manufacturer of the steel shall prevail in the event of such warranty claims.
  5. While the manufacturer’s products are long lasting and hard wearing under normal conditions, this warranty does not extend to inherent defects in steel or other material used in the manufacture. The Manufacturer will however, procure and assign to the Purchaser the benefit of the warranty of the manufacturer of the steel or other material.
    1. If the Manufacturer has at request of customer procured painting, powder coating or other surface application to its product this warranty does not extend to such painting, powder-coating, or other surface application. For this purpose Manufacturer at all times acts as agent of customer. The Manufacturer may as a service to the customer but without any legal obligation to do so, assist customer to obtain redress in respect of any defect.

5. Transfer of Warranty

This warranty is for the express benefit of the Purchaser and is not transferable to any other party without the express written permission of the Manufacturer.

6. Future Modifications

The Manufacturer may make such modifications to any existing or future models of the Unit/Units as it deems necessary without incurring any obligation to incorporate such modification in Unit/Units previously sold or to which this warranty may relate.

7. Statutory Warranty

Subject only to the provisions of the Trade Practices Act and any legislation of the State or Territory wherein the product of the Manufacturer shall have been sold or installed (which may confer certain rights on customers of goods and those rights by such legislation may be rendered incapable of exclusion) this warranty supersedes and excludes all representations, warranties and conditions whether expressed or implied by law and the Manufacturer shall have no liability or otherwise than herein provided for any loss and damage (including consequential loss and damage, loss of use or profits) by reason of delay, defective or faulty materials or workmanship, negligence or any act, matter or thing done permitted or omitted to be done by the Manufacturer.