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Roller Doors

Coding a Hand Transmitter

How To Code Roller Door Hand Transmitter: Model RDO10B

Deleting Roller Door Opener Codes

How To Delete Roller Door Opener Codes: Model RDO10B

Sectional Doors

Changing a Hand Transmitter Battery

How To Change Sectional Door Hand Transmitter Battery: Model SDO2

How To Change Sectional Door Hand Transmitter Battery: Model SDO4

How To Change Sectional Door Hand Transmitter Battery: Model SDO10

Coding a Hand Transmitter

How To Code Sectional Door Hand Transmitter: Model SDO2

How To Code Sectional Door Hand Transmitter: Model SDO4

How To Code Sectional Door Hand Transmitter Or Wall Station: Model SDO10

Deleting Opener Codes

How To Delete Sectional Door Opener Codes: Model SDO2

How To Delete Sectional Door Opener Codes: Model SDO4

How To Delete Sectional Door Opener Codes: Model SDO10

Factory Resets

How To Do A Sectional Door Opener Factory Reset: Model SDO4

Digtal Keypads

Wall Plates

PE Beams


Where can I purchase a garage remote handset?

You can purchase a garage door handset here on our website. All handsets come with a set of coding instructions to program to your opener.

My garage remote was misplaced/stolen. How do I reset?

To reset your garage door remote, find out which handset/opener you have, and we can email through coding instructions or you can find them on our website.

We recommend deleting the codes first using code deleting instructions – this will wipe all memory from the opener. Once this is done you will need to reset each handset (including the wall remote) using the code-learning instructions.

My garage door won’t operate from one handset
  1. Replace the battery in the handset.
  2. Attempt to recode the handset – refer to coding instructions.
  3. The handset may be faulty – have it tested and replaced if within 12 months warranty.

Wall remotes, SDO10 and BOL4 handsets take a 23A battery which can be purchased from most retailers. Avanti handsets take 2x CR2016 lithium flat batteries which can be purchased from Battery World or many service stations.

My garage door remote is opening my neighbour's garage door

It is always recommended to ensure all the transmitters and wireless wall switches are accounted for. A faulty switch can cause momentary (very slight) contact and this can cause the operator to work. This can be as innocent as a transmitter on a bunch of keys, or in a handbag or pocket, making contact and operating the door. A simple measure is to delete codes and recode each remote.

If the problem continues the logic board or remotes may need replacing. (This problem is very common in SDO10 openers).

None of my garage remote handsets are working
  1. Test the power point the opener is plugged into.
  2. Test the opener by pressing the open/close button on the opener – refer to Door Opener Handbook.
  3. If the opener does not work, call for service.
  4. If the opener works, check for interference in the area from other radio transmitting devices such as wireless security systems, baby monitors, and wireless door chimes. Disable these devices and try again.
  5. Handsets may be faulty – have them tested and replaced.
My garage wall remote is not working

Our garage wall remotes are battery-operated. They can be unmounted from the wall, as a screw holds them up. Then the batteries can be manually changed.

How much does a garage door service cost and how often should I have my door serviced?

You should book a garage door service every 12-18 months as advised in your home owner’s manual. We charge $165.00 including call-out fee and the first 30 minutes of labour. Excludes any additional parts.

Additional doors on the same property can be done for an extra $45 per door.

A garage door service includes:

  • Inspect and clean tracks
  • Lubrication
  • Check spring balance and tension
  • Inspect Hardware
  • Inspect Cables Check
    Check auto-reverse
Do you sell garage door lubricant?

Yes, we sell both sectional and roller garage door lubricant:

  • Sectional $15.00
  • Roller $11.00
My garage door feels heavy / My garage door will not go up without assistance

This is generally a sign the garage door requires some adjustment to the spring tension or there is an obstruction in the tracks. The door should be checked in manual mode and should be reasonably free to move in both directions and have a neutral balance.

If the door is heavy to lift or tends to drop under its own weight this is a clear sign the door will need to be serviced.

Under no circumstances should a homeowner attempt to adjust the spring tension on a roller door or sectional door.

Do you sell garage door springs?

No, we do not sell springs to the public.

Replacement or adjustment of springs is an extremely dangerous procedure and may cause physical injury to inexperienced people. Read more about garage door spring replacement.

We recommend a qualified technician attend to fit springs & apply the correct tension required.

If a spring is broken we highly advise to not use the door and contact our maintenance department urgently. Cost is approximately $450 as we will replace both springs.

My hinge has snapped

We do not sell replacement hinges over the counter. A snapped hinge is usually caused by tension on the door or an object hitting a panel out of place. We recommend a technician attend and replace the hinge.

The technician can modify the tension on the door and check for signs of wear on the other hinges to ensure your safety.

Hinges have a lifetime guarantee if the door is serviced annually. Please only use the door in manual mode until the hinge has been replaced as using the motor may cause the panel to catch and twist causing more damage.

Where can I purchase a replacement globe for my Avanti opener?

The older SDO11 Avanti openers take a 12W 24V Globe (2 globe options which come with 1 or 2 contacts). The contacts in the circuit board will determine how many contacts are required, otherwise, we recommend customers bring in the existing globe.

These can be purchased from Centurion otherwise most electrical wholesalers, Repco or automotive shops will stock globes. Look for the brand NARVA. The globe is usually listed as a truck tail light.

My globe is flickering on my opener (Old Avanti unit)

This is generally due to poor contacts on the housing which hold the globe. Alternatively, it can be a symptom of the operator drawing more current than normal when in operation.

If the operator appears to struggle and the door is moving slowly this can be a sign the spring tension requires adjustment. If the operator appears to be working normally and the door has good balance when in manual mode, the problem could be due to the globe holder or a part of the electronic circuit. In both instances the problem will need to be attended to by a service technician.

The door closes but then reverses

Adjust the auto-reverse sensitivity – refer to the Door Opener Handbook.

The door won’t close all the way to the floor

This often means that the limits require adjustment – call us for a service.

My opener is whirring but the door won’t move

This can be one of two things:

  • The door has been placed in manual mode, which means the motor is able to run but is not mechanically connected to drive the door, or
  • Alternatively, the gears or part of the drive mechanism may require replacement. Check if the operator is engaged for auto operation. If the operator is engaged call for a service.
The door is noisy and sticking in the tracks

Roller doors and sectional doors require basic maintenance such as cleaning and lubricating tracks and moving parts. Use Centurion-branded spray or a silicone spray lubricant on roller doors. Never use WD40 or grease or any petroleum-based lubricant.

Sectional doors require more work as they have more moving parts, hinges and wheels. If it moves, rotates, slides or rolls it will generally need some form of lubrication. Carefully clean the tracks and then use a light application of a suitable lubricant such as the Centurion-branded spray, Ballistol or INOX. The hinges should also be lubricated to ensure the move freely, as should the stems of the rollers.

How do I wash my Centurion door?

We recommend washing your door monthly to remove corrosive salt and dirt. Wash both sides of panels using warm soapy water and a sponge. DO NOT use a high-pressure spray on any part of your door. Do not use solvents of any kind on painted surfaces and don’t leave water trapped in any part of the door.

A good rule of thumb is: when you wash your car take an extra 10 minutes to wash your door.

Can I do my own home maintenance on a sectional door?

You can help maintain the tracks freeing them up of oil and grease by using a soft brush or rag. This helps the operation of the rollers to ensure the door smooth operation.

You can also apply lubricant to:

  • Hinge Points
  • Rollers: Roller stems and inner race of assembly.
  • Locking device: Moving parts
  • Torsion Spring Assembly: Bearing surfaces of head plate and torsion tube and spring coil surfaces.
    Lubrication in general reduces wear and friction.

We recommend our Centurion lubricant. Avoid WD40 and any petroleum-based lubricants. Ensure any excess spray is wiped off from the door and track surfaces.


What is the warranty on my product?

We provide 12 months warranty with our installation. Our Avanti SDO4 openers carry 2 years warranty if deemed faulty by a Centurion technician. Avanti handsets carry a 12-month warranty and can be replaced when inspected and deemed faulty by a centurion representative.

How long is the warranty on a service?

We carry 3 months service warranty.

The power has gone out, how do I get my car out of the garage? How do I engage my door in manual mode?

The manual release cord hanging from opener pulls away from the door and clicks to engage manual mode. The door can then be manually lifted.

To put the door back into automatic, the cord must be pulled towards the door. The opener will then engage back into auto mode.

My opener is beeping

A DPS opener with battery backup may require battery replacement.

My cables have come off

Cables transport the full weight of your door and must be regularly checked by a qualified technician.

Replacing cables is a dangerous procedure and should only be performed by an experienced person.

If you notice any damage or loose cables we recommend that you call a technician to attend ASAP, and avoid using the door.

Do you offer after-hours maintenance?

Many of our dealers are fully-equipped to offer emergency after-hours repair and service. The cost and availability of this may vary from state and regional location.

Please contact your local dealer via our dealer locator for more specific information. If your door is under warranty, we recommend contacting your contract representative.

Do you think my garage door needs a service?

If your garage door is starting to sound noisy, appears to be struggling or hasn’t been serviced for a while then the chances are it’s time for a service.

Remember, just like the car it protects, the garage door is a large mechanical product and needs ongoing care and maintenance. We recommend you have it serviced at least once every 12 months.

E5 Error showing on LED SDO4 Display

The door has exceeded its run time limit. Australian standards mandate a 30 second run time limit for most openers. This means that if the opener did not reach a limit within 30 seconds it should perform a “safety reverse” / “safety stop”.

This is a default setting however for high doors that require the extended run time, there is a menu function where this can be set to 60 seconds.

E6 Error showing on LED SDO4 Display

The door has hit an obstacle during open or close movement. The obstacle will need to be removed and limits may need to be re-adjusted. Please contact us to book a service.

E9 Error showing on LED SDO4 Display

The hall sensor is not plugged in or malfunctioning. A technician may need to attend and reconnect the hall sensor. Please contact us to book a service. The error may also be caused by a blown blade fuse in the opener.

This error is most commonly associated with either a heavy door (in which case, it needs a service) or a door making contact with an object.

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