Centurion Garage Doors FAQs
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Centurion Garage Doors FAQs

All your garage door questions answered here in our FAQs.

General Garage Door FAQs

What is the difference between a tilt door / roller door / sectional or panel door?

The difference between a roller door, tilt door and a sectional garage door is as follows.
A Roller Door rolls up vertically in the opening around a circular drum wheel. When opened the majority of the reel usually sits above the door opening.

A ‘Sectional Overhead door’ or ‘Panel door’ is made up of horizontal panels. The panels have wheels that slide up along tracks section-by-section to lay parallel with the garage roof when open. Some panel doors fold upwards along a vertical track.

A Tilt door is a single section that pivots in the garage opening. It lifts in one piece to the open position, supported by J-Type or T-Type Hardware. The doors can use horizontal track, vertical track or horizontal and vertical track.

Do I need a garage door lock?

It may not be necessary to have a lock if an electric garage door opener has been or will be installed on your door. Newer electric openers replace the need for a lock. If you have an older opener, check to see if you can lift your door from the outside.

We do not recommend installing a lock with an opener. Activating a door opener when the door is physically locked will damage the door. Consider a lock if you do not intend to have an automatic garage door opener.

How do I purchase a new garage door remote transmitter?

Centurion’s remote transmitters can be purchased via our online parts store.

How do I programme my new garage door remote?

The coding procedure for remote transmitters varies depending on the type of motor. Any new remote should come with coding instructions.

We recommend that customers buy a Centurion Garage Doors remote transmitter. Generic remote controls are not usually compatible and operate on a different radio platform.

Check out our remote programming video on our Door Care page for more info. You can also download your user manual from our library.

How far from the door will my hand transmitter work?

The hand transmitter works on radio signals. Variables such as location, radio interference in the area, and battery strength can influence the signal. We recommend operating the door from a within 20m but only when the door is in clear sight of the operator.

Garage Door Maintenance FAQs

Should I wash my garage door?

Yes, surface contaminants can build up and damage the surface coating of your door. As a good rule of thumb, you should wash the coated surface of your garage door when washing your car.

Other information about caring for your door can be found on our Door Care page.

What type of care and maintenance is required for my garage door or opener?

Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home. It needs regular maintenance to prolong its life and operate safely. Please refer to the maintenance instructions that came with your Centurion garage door. You can also check out our Door Care page for ways you can look after your door.

Ensure you schedule annual door services.

Garage Door Troubleshooting FAQs

How do I exit my property if there is a power failure?

Disengage the opener to switch your garage door into manual mode. Refer to your instruction manual for further information. Once you have exited the garage or property you can lower the door and re-engage the opener to securely lock.

Check out our manual mode video on our Door Care page.

Why does my door sometimes open by itself?

This could be due to radio frequency interference or a faulty transmitter. Also, someone in your vicinity could have their transmitter coded to your door. Other possible causes of interference include construction equipment and baby monitors.

Why does the door reverse before it completes the close cycle?

The opener is sensing an obstruction or operational resistance – this could be a physical object in the doorway or perhaps the door is binding or not running as freely as it should during its travel. The force margin settings may need to be adjusted and retested. If there is no physical obstruction then this is often a sign the door and opener are due for maintenance or service, please call us or contact a Professional Garage Door Technician.

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