Steps To Take When Your Garage Door Remote Is Lost Or Stolen
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Steps To Take When Your Garage Door Remote Is Lost Or Stolen

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Garage door remotes are a small yet essential part of the modern-day garage door system and an important part of our lives. With just a press of a button, they provide convenient and easy access to our homes. Losing or having a garage door remote stolen can be frustrating and can pose a security risk. However, there is no need to panic, and you can take the following steps to address the situation quickly and ensure the security of your home.

1. Identifying the type of garage door remote and opener

Firstly, it is important to identify the type of garage door remote that was lost or stolen and the type of garage door opener you have. Knowing the brand and model of your garage door opener is crucial to follow the next steps.

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2. Deleting the codes

When losing or having a garage door remote stolen, it is not necessary to replace the garage door opener. However, once the brand and model of the garage door opener have been identified, it is essential to delete the coded remotes to ensure maximum security. This means that all memory from the garage door opener will be wiped, and all garage door remotes, including the wall plate remote, coded to this specific garage door opener will be deleted.

This step is necessary to ensure safety and security of your home, family, and belongings. To delete the codes, we recommend following the Remote Coding Instructions applicable to your garage door opener or contacting our Customer Service Team for assistance.

3. Re-coding existing garage door remotes

The next step is to re-code each garage door remote, including the wall plate remote control, following the Code Learning Instructions as per the Remote Coding Instructions.

4. Remote Replacement

If you wish to replace the lost or stolen garage door remote, a replacement can be purchased from our Online Shop directly or you can contact your local Centurion Garage Door Dealer.

Some garage door remotes can be programmed to work with multiple garage doors or openers, while others are specific to one. It is therefore important to ensure that the replacement remote is compatible with your garage door opener and coded correctly.

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5. Considering other security measures

When a garage door remote is lost or stolen, it is always better to be on the side of caution and follow the steps above to protect your home and property.

Additionally, other security measures can be considered to increase your home’s security, such as using a smartphone app to open and close your garage door. At Centurion Garage Doors, we have developed the MY CGD Smartphone App & Camera Opener that lets you control your garage door with an app and allows you to let people into your garage in a way that is safe and secure.

How the MY CGD App provides added security?

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  • Open and close the garage door via the app which eliminates the need to carry a separate remote.
  • Lost or stolen remotes can be deactivated with just the swipe of a button on the app.
  • Receive alerts and notifications about your garage door.
  • Receive push notification about your garage door status, including real-time activity log.
  • Customise individual user settings.
  • Superior monitoring due Australia’s in-built camera.

When losing or having a garage door remote stolen, the steps above can be followed to address the situation. However, it is important to know that these steps may vary depending on the manufacturer of your garage door and garage door opener