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Thermoguard Garage Door Insulation


The next generation in performance garage door insulation.

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About ThermoGuard Garage Door Insulation

ThermoGuard garage door insulation is a cost-effective way to improve the energy efficiency of your garage!

ThermoGuard garage door insulation is designed for Australia’s harsh climate. Manufactured locally, the panels are made from a quality closed cell Polyisocyanurate foam core that improves the thermal insulation of your garage door. As a bonus, Thermoguard also improves the acoustic insulation for your garage.

Regular Door

Before edit flipped Thermoguard Garage Door Insulation

Thermoguard Insulated

Insulated Door After edited Thermoguard Garage Door Insulation

Features and Benefits

Climate Control

System R value of 2.22 – 2.26.

Australian Made

Australian-sourced top quality
materials and workmanship.


Better acoustic insulation and
quieter door operation.


Affordable way to improve
the insulation of your garage.

Available Now in WA

ThermoGuard is available for all new and existing Mediterranean, Cosmopolitan and Settler sectional garage doors.

garage door insulation
garage door insulation

DISCLAIMER: ThermoGuard is an insulation and not an architectural product. Please note the surface foil will contain some creasing or other minor imperfections.

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Ditch the Remote!

With our new MyCGDoor app, there will be no more:
* Searching for the garage door remote
* Replacing lost, stolen, or old remotes
* Coding and re-coding remotes
* Driving back home to check that you locked up properly
* Worrying whether the kids are home yet

Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy:

*Better home security

Control who has access to your garage door and when. Give tradespeople, relatives, or other visitors access to the house when you want, and NO other times! Push notifications when the door is being opened and closed will also help you detect and react to any suspicious activities in your home while you’re away.

* Peace of mind

With a range of different push notifications and alerts, you’ll now be able to know for certain that you didn’t leave the garage door open this morning, and that the kids got home safely after school.

* Convinience

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MyCGDoor Thermoguard Garage Door Insulation