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At Centurion We Are All About Your Security, Safety And Providing Value For Money!

by | Nov 27, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

Centurion Garage Doors provides real security at a fraction of competitor pricing with our tried and proven mechanical latch lock.

The latch lock automatically locks your garage door when in the closed position, making it unable to be manually opened from the outside.

Centurion Garage Doors Latch Lock Image Side View
Centurion Garage Doors Latch Lock Image Front View

Compared to competitor side bolt locks, our latch lock is more secure and a fraction of the cost

Want Even More Added Security For Your Garage?

Then the MY CGD Smartphone App with Camera Opener is the optional extra for you.

  • View your garage at any time via a live camera feed
  • Delete Lost or stolen handsets with the App
  • Control each handset’s full functions and accessibility
  • Receive notifications each time your garage door is opened or closed

Concerned About Thieves Using A Hacking App To Gain Access To Your Garage?

Robber in front of a house

All Centurion Garage Doors Openers and remotes are encoded with modern code hopping technology so that the code to your door or remote can not be scanned or copied. Giving you no need to worry about hacking apps.