How Sectional Garage Doors Work
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How Sectional Garage Doors Work

by | Jul 15, 2022 | Blogs | 0 comments

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Are you considering purchasing a Sectional Garage Door? You have a good understanding of what Sectional Garage Doors and their benefits are and you now want to learn more about how Sectional Garage Doors work?

Sectional Garage Doors are made up of multiple panels that open vertically and then lay parallel with your garage ceiling when in the open position. These garage doors run along tracks placed on the side and ceiling of your garage. Each panel is connected via hinges, struts, and stiles. Sectional Garage Doors are operated on high tension torsion springs and are generally automated by an opener, allowing you to open and close the door via remotes. 

Garage Door Inside How Sectional Garage Doors Work
Inside Sectional Door scaled How Sectional Garage Doors Work

Minimal headroom

Due to vertical opening, Sectional Garage Doors require minimal headroom in your garage, giving you more clearance space above your vehicles. As Sectional Garage Doors don’t swing out to open or close, it maximises the space. This means your cars can be parked close to the garage door without getting in the way of the garage door.

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Smooth and quiet operation

Centurion Sectional Garage Doors are designed to be quiet. They run smooth and quiet due to Centurion’s:

– Click and go track curve
– Tuff track
– Pivot lock hinge
– Roller carrier
– Openers that are quiet by design

Finger-safe design

Normal Sectional Garage Doors open widely between the panels, which can cause fingers to be crushed if caught between the panels. However, Centurion Garage Doors are designed to be finger-safe and gently push fingers out of harm’s way.

Obstacle Detection

The Obstacle Detection System detects any obstruction and has two key functions. The first key function is that a light beam can detect any movement going through the garage door while the garage door is closing. Once the light beam detects a movement, the garage door will stop automatically. The second key feature is that the obstacle detection system acknowledges anything that may obstruct the garage door while it is closing. The garage door will then stop and reverse automatically.

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Have you noticed that leaves and dirt often blow under your garage door, especially when it rains or storms? To keep your garage clean and tidy, side and bottom seals can be added to a garage door. Concrete floors aren’t always completely even so bottom seals made out of rubber seal the gaps and therefore make the space more level and prevent leaves and dirt from blowing into the garage. 

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If you have further questions about how sectional garage door work and you would like to speak to a member of our friendly team, please feel free to fill out the contact us form below and we will be in touch with you.