How to align Garage Door Sensors in the right way
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how to align garage door sensors in the right way

Obstacle Detection System

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Garage door sensors are an important part of the safety features of any garage door. It is common practice to install garage door sensors at the bottom of the garage door as they are designed to detect any movement under the door and cause the door to auto reverse and stop from crushing anything underneath.

common garage door sensors

The door edge sensor, the overhead sensor, the motion sensor, and the photoelectric sensor are common garage door sensors. Door edge sensors are typically installed on the door frame, and their primary function is to determine whether the door is open.

Overhead sensors can determine the open or closed status of the door and are positioned close to the mechanism that opens and closes the door.

Motion sensors are typically attached to the wall; they determine whether a person or object is located within a predetermined distance of the door.

Photoelectric sensors, also known as PE safety beams, can determine its presence when the light beam is interrupted by a person or object moving through the door’s opening.

Garage Door Sensor

how a garage door sensor works

Most garage doors installed today have the option to upgrade to include sensors. Here at Centurion Garage Doors, we are equipped with sensors known as photoelectric (PE) safety beams. A transmitter and a receiver are installed on either side of the garage door, transmitting a red light beam across the garage door opening. If the beam is interrupted, the sensors will send a signal to the opener instructing it to halt its movement; the door will start to auto-reverse. 

the right way to align garage door sensors

Ensure your garage door PE beams are aligned. In case the PE beam projector is out of line, there is an invisible laser that is projected from each side of the garage door and a small light that you can see on the side of the beam will be flashing. To fix this and align the beams correctly, simply move the beams until they are visually aligned. Once they look aligned, further adjust the receiver until the LED light stops flashing. A constant red and green light indicates correct alignment. 

If this simple fix doesn’t work, it is best to have the PE beams checked by a professional garage door repair company. At Centurion Garage Doors, we have developed a sizable network of garage door dealers across Australia – we have partnered with those who we believe are the best in business and passionate about servicing families in Australia. To find a local garage door repair company in your area, simply jump onto our Dealer Locator

Note: The sensors are susceptible to accumulating dirt and dust, disrupting their functionality if left unchecked. Test them by placing an object on the ground in the garage door opening. If the beam is interrupted, the closing door should automatically stop in its tracks.

final thoughts

Garage door sensors are a modern safety innovation and an important component of any home’s safety system. Because they are simple to set up and don’t cost an excessive amount of money, they are an excellent addition to any house to prevent accidents from taking place.

Our Centurion Obstacle Detection System comprises two separate features: our PE safety beam (optional extra) & our standard anti-crushing sensor, an inbuilt feature in your Avanti motor that serves as auto-reverse impact detection for your closing garage door.