Innovative Product Launch For Centurion Garage Doors - The MY CGD App
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Innovative Product Launch For Centurion Garage Doors – The MY CGD App

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Blogs | 0 comments

Centurion Garage Doors has launched the exciting new MY CGD SmartPhone App and Garage Door Opener with a built-in camera and video access. Designed to give you total peace of mind and increase security.

Once installed and with the new app downloaded you can control your garage door from anywhere you like and see exactly what’s going on. It’s great for contactless delivery, simply open the door from the App, watch your goods get delivered, and close the door when they’re done.

​How many times have you driven off and wondered if you’ve shut the garage door? Well, now you don’t need to go back. All you have to do is simply pull over and check on the App.

My Centurion Garage Door Phone App Open on phone inside the house viewing the garage from a live camera
Centurion Garage Doors Camera Garage Door Opener

The App can also give you notifications every time your door is opened or closed. It monitors the health of your door and will give you an alert if something’s not right. You can view complete diagnostics including activity, so you can see who’s been in and out and when. Plus if you lose a hand garage door remote, or it’s stolen, you can use the app to delete it.

You can also grant temporary access to other visitors, then revoke their permissions when they have left. You don’t have to be home to do this, you can do it from the App anywhere and anytime.

Simply upgrade to the new MY CGD system using your existing Centurion, Avanti, or Stoddart compatible opener. Or if you don’t have one of these we can upgrade your whole opener to the latest and greatest.

With no ongoing App or license fees, this is a great way to keep an eye on your garage door, the security of your home, and the health of your garage door.

Contact Centurion Garage Doors today for more information, or to place an order