Top Reasons Why Your Garage Door Isn't Opening
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Top Reasons Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening

by | May 4, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

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Having a garage door that suddenly won’t open can be a frustrating situation, especially if you were just about to go out and your car is inside the garage. Luckily most garage door motors can be switched to manual override mode, allowing you to manually lift the door to get your car out. But this doesn’t fix the problem. So, what can be the cause of your garage door not opening, and how can this be fixed? Here are the top reasons why your garage door isn’t opening, and how you can fix the problem.

The Power Has Gone Out, How Do I Operate My Garage Without Power?

There is a manual release cord hanging from the opener, pull this away from the door and you will hear it click to engage into manual mode. The garage door can now be lifted manually. To put the opener back into automatic mode, pull the cord towards the garage door until you hear it click to engage into automatic mode.

The Wall Remote Isn’t Working

All our wall remotes are battery operated. They can be unmounted from the wall and the batteries can be changed manually. The wall remote can then be mounted back on the wall.

Garage door wall remote buttons

My Opener Is Making Noise But The Door Isn’t Moving

This can be caused by the door being placed into manual mode, allowing the motor to run while it is not mechanically connected to drive the door.

Or, the gears or other parts of the drive mechanism may require replacement. Check if your opener is in automatic or manual mode. If it is in manual mode switch it over to automatic mode and your door should open. If it is already in automatic mode we recommend calling for a service.

Only One Of My Handsets Won’t Open The Garage Door

Replace the battery in the handset that isn’t working, if this does not fix the problem attempt to recode the handset. You can view our How-To Videos to see how to change the battery, code your handset, and much more, along with downloadable instructions.

If it still won’t open there may be an issue with the handset. We recommend having it tested. If it is within the 12 month warranty period it will be replaced for you.

None Of My Handsets Are Working

Test the power point that the opener is plugged into to ensure there is power. Then test the opener by pushing the open/close button on the opener. If the opener doesn’t work we recommend calling for a service.

If the opener works then you may need to check for interference from other radio transmitting devices in the area such as wireless security systems, baby monitors, and doorbells. Disable any of these devices you locate and test the opener button again.

If the handsets still won’t open the garage after performing these tests we recommend you have them tested as they may have a fault and need replacing.

The Garage Door Won’t Go Up Without Assistance

This generally means there may be an obstruction in the tracks or the door requires some adjustment to the spring tension. Check the garage door is in manual mode, it should move reasonably freely in both directions and have a neutral balance. If the door is heavy to lift or is dropping under its own weight then this is a clear sign that the door will need to be serviced. Under no circumstances should you attempt to adjust the spring tension on a garage door.

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