What Are Some Common Garage Repair Issues
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What Are Some Common Garage Repair Issues

by | Jul 9, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

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What are some common garage repair issues? And what can you do about them?

You may be surprised to hear that your garage door is one of the areas of your house that operates the most often. Being used every day going in and out, yet we don’t always think about maintenance, servicing, or keeping an eye out for signs that you may need to repair something on your garage door. Here are some of the most common garage repair issues, how to keep an eye out for the early signs, and what you can do if one of these happens to you.

Is your garage door noisy?

This may be caused due to dirt, dust, and other items getting lodged in the garage door tracks. If you haven’t cleaned your garage door tracks recently now is a great time to do so. Simply use a cloth or brush to wipe down the inside of the tracks and ensure there is no debris in them.

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Garage Door Hinge

A broken hinge

Hinges are placed in between each panel of your garage door to connect them together, allow the sections to bend, and keep the door in place. These can break from time to time and may need replacing. We do recommend that you get a qualified technical service technician out to install replacement hinges, however, they can also be purchased from our online shop if you wish.

Your garage door opener not working

From time to time there may be an issue with the garage door opener unit. Sometimes it can be as simple as the light no longer operates and needs replacing. Other times the circuit board can have an issue and may need to be replaced. If your garage door opener is not working, or it’s not operating how it normally does it is best to contact us to try and troubleshoot the issue and work out the best solution for you. You may need a qualified service technician to come out and have a look at your garage door opener to diagnose the problem correctly and fix it for you.

Does your garage door open or close sporadically, or open part way when you are using it?

This can happen if your garage door has PE Beams and they have been knocked out of alignment.

If these beams aren’t aligned they can’t sense if the door crosses their path, and can lead to opening and closing issues. Please watch the below video on how to re-align your PE Beams if you feel you may be having this issue.

red bike in a garage crossing the pe beams

Broken springs can be a repair issue that may occur during the lifetime of your garage door

It is of utmost importance that you do not attempt to touch, adjust or replace the springs yourself. This can be extremely dangerous and lead to personal injury if attempted yourself. It is advised to let an expert fix any spring issues you may come across.

The springs on your garage door are responsible for lifting and lowering the garage door, due to the load that they can bear they are heavily loaded with a lot of tension. They are placed under a lot of tension each time the door operates, therefore can wear out or break over time.

If you think your garage door springs may have an issue, please contact us to arrange a qualified service technician to come out and assess, and fix any issue you may have with the springs.

Garage Door Rollers may need replacement during the lifetime of your garage

It is a good idea to visually check your garage door rollers twice a year to see if you can see any cracks or damage. The rollers run along the tracks ensuring your garage door opens and closes smoothly. If you start to notice excess noise or vibration when the garage door is in operation the rollers may be damaged and need replacing.

Has your garage remote stopped working, or is only working intermittently?

The first thing to check is the batteries in your garage door remote. If replacing the batteries doesn’t get your remote working again, the next step would be to try coding your remote to the opener again. You can view our How-To Videos to see how to code your specific garage remote.

If you need to purchase a replacement remote or a new remote you can purchase a genuine one from our online shop.

It is recommended that you have your garage door serviced by a qualified garage door technician every 12 months to ensure it runs smoothly, and any issues can be picked up early on. If you would like to book your garage door in for a service please contact us via the book a service button below.

If you wish to speak to a member of our team please contact us via the button below and we will be in touch soon.