What Is A Garage Door Opener?
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What Is A Garage Door Opener?

by | Jun 3, 2022 | Blogs | 0 comments

Photo credit © Centurion Garage Doors

Unless you work in the garage door industry, it can be confusing to understand all individual components of a garage door and how they work together. Apart from the garage door itself, a garage door opener is another key component as it is part of every modern garage. But what is a garage door opener?

What is a Garage Door Opener?

A garage door opener is an electrical device that opens and closes your garage door via a remote or wall button. A garage door opener also assists in the smooth and quiet operation of your garage door.

Different Types of Garage Door Openers

There are several types of garage door openers available, depending on the garage door you choose and the requirements you have. At CGD, we differentiate between garage door openers that are suitable for sectional doors and garage door openers that are suitable for roller doors

Display home with white sectional garage door
House with three roller garage doors

Roller Door Opener

Our roller door opener RDO10B/C is suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial roller doors up to 17m2. The unique compact design makes this unit well-suited to fitting into previously unreachable narrow spaces. All Centurion supplied openers come with one wall button control and two garage remote controls.

Roller Door Opener RDO10B and RDO10C
Centurion Euro 1250 Opener

Sectional Door Opener

There is a wide range of sectional garage doors available, from overhead sectional doors to a custom range of sectional doors. Our range of sectional garage openers cover any type of sectional garage door you may choose. All Centurion supplied openers come with one wall button control and two garage remote controls.

At Centurion Garage Doors we supply Centurion Sectional as well as Roller Door Openers, along with Merlin and Grifco openers, varying in price, power and maximum door size suitability. Plus there are openers that are specifically made to be quiet.

You can view our full range of garage door openers here.

Smart Garage Door Opener

The 1250W garage door opener with smartphone kit and camera is the next step in garage door innovation. You can not only operate your garage door via your mobile phone, but you can also view real time camera feed, receive alerts when the garage doors is operated, and receive notifications when there is a problem with your garage door or when it is due for a service.

Garage door opener with camera 1250W smart garage door MY CGD App
Centurion Garage Doors MY CGD App & Smart Garage Door Camera Opener Open on mobile phone in house with plants and chair

These capabilities give you total peace of mind when it comes to the security of your garage.

You have a delivery coming but won’t be home? No problem at all. You can open your garage door from anywhere via the app, watch the delivery via the live camera feed and close the garage door remotely once the delivery has been completed.

Not sure if you closed the garage door when you left the house? Simply open the MY CGD App and look on the camera feed to see if your garage is opened or closed. You can then close it with the app if you did accidentally leave it open.

If you are away and want to know when other household members are leaving or coming home, you will receive real time alerts each time the garage is being opened or closed.

You can also switch of the access for all garage door remotes. This means, if everyone in your household is home, you can choose to only open your garage door via smartphone app. This gives you that extra security for your home and family.

And if you lose a garage remote you can delete its access to your garage via the app as well. This means no more worries about someone finding your garage remote and being able to access your garage.

Not sure what type of garage door opener you require? Please feel free to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch to assist you.