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Set and control a range of functions for your garage door, providing added convenience and advanced management of your sectional or roller garage door. Our Centurion garage door remotes feature the latest in code hopping technology to ensure that your garage door is secure and protected from being copied or scanned. All garage door openers purchased through Centurion automatically come standard with two remote controls, which are covered by a 12 month warranty.

Featured Remote


Euro Style Centurion Remote

Our genuine Centurion garage door remote control unit is compatible with all Centurion and Avanti sectional (SDO10) and roller door openers (RDO10). Batteries and coding instructions included. Available in both BLUE and RED.

Ditch the Remote!

With our new MyCGDoor app, there will be no more:
* Searching for the garage door remote
* Replacing lost, stolen, or old remotes
* Coding and re-coding remotes
* Driving back home to check that you locked up properly
* Worrying whether the kids are home yet

Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy:

*Better home security

Control who has access to your garage door and when. Give tradespeople, relatives, or other visitors access to the house when you want, and NO other times! Push notifications when the door is being opened and closed will also help you detect and react to any suspicious activities in your home while you’re away.

* Peace of mind

With a range of different push notifications and alerts, you’ll now be able to know for certain that you didn’t leave the garage door open this morning, and that the kids got home safely after school. 

* Convinience

Book your service or repair straight through the app

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MyCGDoor Remotes & Accessories
Obstacle Detection Product Close up Remotes & Accessories

Obstacle Detection System

The Obstacle Detection System provides added safety and peace of mind. The system can immediately detect an obstruction by transmitting a light beam across the width of the garage door opening. If the beam is broken, the garage door will reverse its direction before impacting the obstruction.

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Need Help?

Check out our online resources for customers, which include coding instructions for your Centurion remotes / openers and FAQs on what do to in certain situations, such as power outage or lost/stolen remotes.