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Centurion releases WHITEST garage door yet

by | Jun 10, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Colour has always played a major role in our lives. Decades of research and observation have shown that colour has a huge effect on us – not just on our thoughts and feelings, but also on our bodies. Experiments have shown that a person’s pulse will increase when exposed to the colour red, and decrease when exposed to blue, even if the person was blindfolded!

When designing a space, an architect must consider the colour effect of every element of a building’s construction, from the earthy colours of primary construction materials like wood, stone, brick, and marble, to the expansive variety of colours available for paint, doors, windows, siding, and trim.

Why do we love white in architecture?

Demand for bright, clean, and neutral colours in architectural designs has been increasing over the last couple of decades. Much of this can be attributed to a growing trend towards minimalism. As our world becomes louder, more crowded, and visually noisier, many people are longing to simplify their lives and get back to the basics.

Modern homes are now frequently incorporating “simplicity” into their design: uncomplicated geometric shapes, clean lines, open spaces, and of course, clean and neutral colours.

White is a cornerstone colour in these modern designs. It is clean, crisp, and bright. It’s easy on the eyes, and can often make a space feel much more open and welcoming. For many of us, it’s a colour that comes with connotations of peace, purity, positivity and enlightenment.

Even before the last few decades, a pure white colour has been used in architecture and fashion to symbolize the ultimate idyllic lifestyle, a paradise on earth. We’ve been shown couples dressed in all white, walking hand in hand barefoot on an uncrowded beach and the beautiful houses with bright green lawns are enclosed by a white picket fence.

Building wall with windows and white and other colour walls
Mum with child on lap sitting on a tree at the beach

White is also the perfect blank canvas to bring out other colours and elements. When white is used as a primary colour, other elements become much more noticeable.

Bright colours “pop” more, and a lot more attention is drawn to shapes, lines, and patterns. This is used frequently in modern home designs to highlight feature walls and other decorations in a way that is both stylish and elegant.

Office desk against white wall with a white canvas hanging on the wall


Large House with Centurion White garage doors

Centurion Garage Doors is proud to announce that it is introducing a brand new colour available for its sectional garage doors: HAMPTONS WHITE.

Hamptons White® is a noticeably purer white colour than any other garage door colour ever offered by Centurion Garage Doors. It is more neutral than the popular warm white Colorbond Surfmist® colour, and significantly brighter than the grey-tinted Colorbond Shale Grey.


The takeaway? If you want your new garage door to be a super bright white and say a big “welcome to paradise”, look no further than Hamptons White!

Hamptons White is currently available for customers in Queensland, Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

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