New Garage Door Visualiser Tool
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New Garage Door Visualiser Tool

by | Jun 21, 2019 | News | 0 comments

Centurion Garage Doors is proud to announce that it has launched a brand new Garage Door Visualiser tool! This totally free program will allow users to imagine what their garage door might look like by simply clicking or tapping on their design options.

Whilst the Centurion Garage Door Visualiser is neither the first of its kind nor the only garage door visualisation tool out there, it has been designed with several key functions that make it particularly user-friendly. Here are just some of the features that make the Centurion Garage Door Visualiser one of the best garage door visualisation tools out there.

Features to get excited about!

1. Choose from a customisable virtual home gallery: change your wall and roof colours so you can better match your door to your new home, even if it hasn’t been built yet!

2. Completely cross-platform compatible: try it at home or on the go with your smartphone or tablet!

3. Designed for better user experience: built specifically to be easy to use, with intuative navigation and easy to follow steps.

4. A wide range of handy built-in features, including a “before and after” fuction, “zoom” tool that lets you get a closer look at your door design, ability to “share” a link with your dealer or builder, and of course, the ability to request a quote for your masterpiece after you’re finished.

5. Upload your own home photo to explore what a replacement garage door could do for your home facade.

6. Browse through the entire range of Centurion standard products, including window selection options, our popular Timbalook series, and customisation of our premium Sunshine and Architectural Series.

7. Realistic art style makes it easier to imagine what your envisioned garage door might look like in real life.

a house with a white garage door using the visualiser tool
house in the visualiser with a clear design garage door

Go ahead, try it now by clicking the button below!