What Are Sectional Garage Doors And Their Advantages
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What Are Sectional Garage Doors And Their Advantages

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Garage door manufacturers like us, garage door resellers, or other garage door specialists often talk about ‘Sectional Garage Doors’. But what exactly are Sectional Garage Doors? 

Whether you are building or renovating, your garage door choice plays an important role. A garage door not only makes up a large part of the front façade of your house and is, therefore, an important design feature, but it also must function smoothly, be safe, and withstand the Australian climate.   

When it comes to choosing a garage door, the first question many customers ask is: “What are the different types of garage doors?” 

Understanding The 3 Main Garage Door Types

To understand what a Sectional Garage Door is, it is important to clarify the different types of garage doors first:

In general, garage door styles can be broken down into three key types:

  1. Roller Doors
  2. Sectional Over Head Doors
  3. Custom Doors

Sectional Garage Doors are the most common garage door type installed in Australia. They are popular as they can elevate the front façade of any home, old or new!


What are Sectional Garage Doors?

If you’ve heard of or ever asked what are Sectional Garage Doors then you’re at the right place.

Sectional Garage Doors are garage doors made-up of panels stacked vertically and connected by hinges.
They are made up of between 4 to 6 panels ranging in size, colour, and design. In operation, the panels run on a track at a 90-degree angle and sit parallel to the garage ceiling.

wgat is a sectional garage door
sectional garage door panels

What are Sectional Garage Doors Made From?

Sectional Garage Doors are made from various products. At Centurion Garage Doors, we differentiate between the following sectional garage doors:

1) Standard Colorbond Sectional Garage Doors

The most common type of sectional garage door is a Standard Colorbond Garage Door. Manufactured from genuine BlueScope Steel, Colorbond Garage Doors are the most popular sectional door in Australia, referred to as the go-to doors for new builds and retail jobs.

standard colorbond garage door

2) Timber Look Garage Doors

Our Sectional Garage Doors are also available in our TimbaLook range. These are prefabricated coils designed to look like real timber garage doors. This is an environmentally friendly take on traditional timber sectional doors.

timber look garage doors

3) Custom Sectional Garage Doors – WA only

Another example of a Sectional Garage Door is a Custom Sectional Garage Door, a handmade garage door. At Centurion Garage Doors in WA, we make two types of Custom Sectional Doors: The Sunshine Series & The Architectural Series.

custom made garage door perth

What are the Benefits of Sectional Garage Doors?

  • Sectional garage doors are made up of panels. If one panel becomes damaged, it is easy to replace.
  • The client has more selection with sectional doors due to a wide range of different colours, designs, and optional extras.
  • Sectional garage doors are aesthetically appealing, perfect for new builds or renovations.
  • Sectional Garage Doors are easy to operate.
  • Sectional Garage Doors require less headroom than Roller Doors and can achieve better drive-through clearance.
  • Sectional Garage Doors are strong.
  • Our Sectional Garage Doors are designed to be quite and operate smoothly.


Additionally, ThermoGuard garage door insulation is designed for Australia’s harsh climate. Available in WA, the insulation can be fitted to the back of the garage door to keep the garage from overheating in the summer months.

Do Sectional Garage Doors Need to be Serviced?

Absolutely! Your Sectional Garage Door needs annual garage door servicing, just like your car. The majority think that the garage door opener does the heavy lifting. This is not true! Sectional Garage Doors are operated by a large spring that is responsible for the heavy lifting (with the cables).

Homeowners can complete some of the maintenance on the garage door; spraying a silicone-based lubrication spray on the track and hinges will help make the door quieter in operation. However, a qualified technician must attend to the retention of the springs as this can be highly dangerous and is not recommended for a homeowner.

If you want to find out more about garage door springs, please read our article The True Cost Of A Garage Door Spring Replacement.

And if you need a Garage Door Service, please contact us directly or book online. Alternatively, contact your local authorized Centurion Garage Doors Dealer and they will help you through every step of your enquiry.