Why TimbaLook Is Better Than Real Timber For Garage Doors
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Why TimbaLook Is Better Than Real Timber For Garage Doors

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Blogs | 0 comments

Cosmopolitan Sectional TimbaLook Garage Door in Daintree Cedar. Photo credit Canberra Garage Doors


Do you love the look of a timber garage door, but aren’t sure if you want to invest in the expensive price tag that comes along with it? TimbaLook garage doors are the perfect solution. Choosing the design and colour of your garage is an important decision, as your garage is generally the largest space on the front of your home. The TimbaLook Premium Series can elevate your façade without breaking the budget, and there are many benefits of having a TimbaLook door over a Timber or wooden garage door.

Why is a TimbaLook garage door better than a real timber garage door?

* A TimbaLook garage door has all of the upsides and none of the downsides of real timber. They are designed to deliver superior performance against Australia’s harsh elements.

* A TimbaLook garage door costs a lot less than a timber garage door, without taking away from the look of your façade.

* They are made from steel, in pre-coated coils that mimic the look of timber, with 8 Timbalook colours and patterns to choose from. (4 Colours available in WA)

* The UniCote Lux finish will keep your garage door looking second to none for much longer than timber, and is backed with a 10 year warranty.

* TimbaLook garage doors are much faster to manufacture than timber and come with a protective corestrip added prior to manufacture.

* They are scratch and impact-resistant, meet all fire, humidity, and salt spray tests, and are a low-maintenance alternative to real timber.

* There is no need to repaint or reseal a TimbaLook door over time, and the sun will not fade the colour as it would with timber.

* There is no risk of termite damage, wood rot, splitting, or warping with a TimbaLook door.

* They are light and easy to install and don’t put a heavy strain or wear and tear on your garage opener or mechanics.

* Steel provides better security for your garage than timber, it is more durable and secure. We use specially formulated 0.6mm thick steel, which is the heaviest gauge steel of it’s kind.

* Our Sectional Garage Doors feature our innovative Finger-Safe R design that prevents fingers from getting caught inside your garage door as it closes.

Daintree Cedar

Daintree Cedar TimbaLook Timber Look Garage Door

Huon Birch

Huon Birch TimbaLook Timber Look Garage Door
Centurion Garage Doors are pioneers and developers of coating technologies to mimic the look of timber in steel doors. The TimbaLook Premium Series is available in eight colours and patterns, and available in all four Sectional Door Profiles, the Georgian, the Regency, the Mediterranean and the Cosmopolitan.

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